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2. Is There A God?

This is the fundamental question of life on which all other questions hang. If there is no God then life has no purpose beyond my momentary pleasure. There is no meaning. There is no right or wrong. I should take all I can get and enjoy myself for the moment because when it is over, it is OVER. “That’s all she wrote,” so to speak.

If there is a God, however, then there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun; a Great White Throne to stand in front of and give answer to. There is a right and a wrong. There is an eternity that is more real than anything I have every experienced in my life, good or bad.

Can I know if there is a God? And if so, how?

The human soul demands a God. Even Atheists know this in their hearts. That is why they get so upset at the mention of God. They don’t get mad at the mention of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth fairy, Buddha, Mohammed, or any other religious or fictional character. Only the Christian God angers them. This tells me that in their heart, they know He is true.

The atheist’s very assertion that if there was a God, He wouldn’t allow evil in the world acknowledges that they know good and evil in their hearts, a sign of the design of God Himself. They, themselves, wouldn’t even know there is evil in the world if God hadn’t written “right and wrong” on the human heart.

Within the cells of every living organism is a thing called DNA. This is the programming that determines whether I am a watermelon or a human, whether I have blue eyes or brown, whether I am tall or short. This DNA is an intricate code that we humans are just now beginning to be able to read.

Noah Webster says:

n. Any collection or digest of laws.

n. [L. lex; A law is that which is laid, set or fixed, like statute, constitution, from L. statuo.]

1. A rule, particularly an established or permanent rule, prescribed by the supreme power of a state to its subjects, for regulating their actions, particularly their social actions. Laws are imperative or mandatory, commanding what shall be done; prohibitory, restraining from what is to be forborne; or permissive, declaring what may be done without incurring a penalty. The laws which enjoin the duties of piety and morality are prescribed by God and found in the Scriptures.

I do not have green vines coming out of my ears, grapes hanging off my nose, or a horse-like tail because the laws prescribed by the Supreme Power who wrote my DNA says I don't.

Could my DNA have written itself?

No. DNA is a language. Language takes intelligence.

LAN'GUAGE, n. [L. lingua, the tongue, and speech.]

Words duly arranged in sentences, written, printed or engraved, and exhibited to the eye. (DNA is exhibited to the eye through the microscope. Different from my glasses only in degree) Style; manner of expression. Any manner of expressing thoughts.

"Any manner of expressing thoughts." For DNA to express thoughts there had to be thoughts to express before it was written down in my cells. There has to be a Creator God.

I will look at the giraffe.

Their necks are so tall they must have an extraordinarily strong heart in order to pump the blood all the way up there. But with such a strong heart, if they bend their head down, gravity + the heart would blow their brains out (high blood pressure). So they have a set of valves in the arteries of their necks that shut the blood flow down when they put their head down. But then when they lift their heads suddenly (as in a lion attack) they would pass out (low blood pressure). So they have little sponges in the back of their brains that hold enough blood in reserve to keep them conscious until the valves open again. If any one of these steps was missing, the giraffe would die (either by exploding brain or hungry lion). They must have all been there from the start. They could not have evolved. They must have been created as a complete animal.

There are many other creatures (the woodpecker who would knock its eyes out if it had not been programmed to close its eyes with each strike, the garden spider which would starve if its web was not just right, the chicken egg where the chick would suffocate without its microscopic air holes, the human eye, the bombardier beetle which would blow itself up if it did not have all systems functioning at once, etc.) that simply could not exist without a Divine Design .

There must be a God.